About Me

Hey y'all! I'm Carol, welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy.

I am a Southern girl to the core. I was born and raised in Louisiana then moved to Texas in high school. I thought I would hate living in Texas, but now I never want to leave! I love everything about the South and want to share what I love with everyone.

I graduated from Texas A&M in May 2012 with a Communications degree. I can't say enough amazing things about being an Aggie. Thanks and Gig'em! So happy to be part of the Aggie family :)

Currently, I am in the fun "job hunting" part of life. My goal is to work in the Marketing and PR world, especially in fashion or sports (two completely opposite choices). I hope to start my business in the future. So, I am hard at work to pursue my goals!! In the meantime I am working for a great, new jewelry company called Chloe & Isabel. I love it- I am learning a lot, get to work with great people, have FUN, and get AMAZING jewelry!

My friends and family mean the world to me!

** Random Facts About Me:
* I am the biggest New Orleans Saints fan. If only I could marry Drew Brees!
* I am deathly afraid of geckos.
* Any outfit can look good with cowboy boots.
* Dream vacation= Italy
* I have the cutest bunny named Theodore. aka. Chunk
* Always have country music playing
* Give me a whiskey drink and I am a happy girl.
* I have the corniest jokes and worst comebacks.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only girl that loves a good whiskey drink! (or just whiskey and ice...not gonna lie!) :)

  2. I'm a total whiskey girl too! It always shocks people at first. I also ALWAYS have country music playing :)

  3. I stumbled upon your blog and saw that you're an NFL fan too!!! I'm a Bengals fan hardcore, but I love finding other bloggy gals who live for NFL games too! :) Looking forward to following along girl!!

  4. I'm also an Aggie!! I love finding other Aggies in Texas who blog. :)