Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reward Yourself!

It's the last day of the month... How about rewarding yourself with a little "happy"! My mom would always and still does give us a little random present, something to make us smile.. and called it our "happy." Why not reward yourself or others for reaching a goal, learning something new, etc.. or just as simple motivation.

Try some of these great jewelry pieces from Chloe and Isabel.

"A Little Sparkle Never Hurt Anyone"

xoxo, Carol
Don't forget to check out "Life According to Country Music" below.

Life According to Country Music Ep. 2

Here are some more words to live by from our favorites in boots!

* When you're looking for the perfect person:

* When you don't have a care in the world:

* When you decide No more settling:

Have a fabulous day! Put Monday on your calendar for a fabulous giveaway! I am partnering up with Myra over at the little aslam, and you don't want to miss it!

xoxo, Carol

Monday, July 30, 2012

What a Weekend!

A busy weekend full of big changes, fun & friends, and being a little kid.

College is officially over. I tried to hang on as long as I could :) But move out day finally came. It was an amazing 4 years, and I am now an Aggie forever!

Girls Night In! This was some much needed time with a few of my best friends! It is always a good time when you have great friends, delicious food, and a tasty drink! We decided to have a Mexican themed night..enchiladas (we just covered everything in cheese), margaritas, and churros! Follow the rita and churro recipe for your own girls night in! So easy and delicious.
1 cup ruby red grapefruit juice
1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime
1 cup triple sec orange liqueur
3 cups ice
1 cup tequila
* Mix in a blender and enjoy!! Serves 4

Super Easy Churros:
pepperridge Farm puff pastry sheets
1/4 cup sugar
1 tbs cinnamon
1/4 cup butter

* Thaw and unfold the pastry. Cut into 1 in. strips and place on a greased pan. Heat oven to 450 and bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool, wipe melted butter on each strip. Mix together cinnamon and sugar in bowl. Shake the pastry in combo until fully covered. ENJOY!
Trust me these are addictive.

Who says you have to act your age? Sometimes it is fun to be like a little kid again. That is exactly what my friend Laura and I did Saturday. Driving down for an Astros' baseball game we saw a billboard for the Ringling Brothers Circus. And of course we changed plans and went! Best decision of the weekend.
Get there early and you get to get up close to all the animals, clowns, and performers.

Now, it's back to the real world with unpacking and applying to jobs!

xoxo, Carol 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Mini Survival Kit

*Purse- n. A woman's whole portable world. Her lifeline. Protector of all necessities.

We all do it...our purse is our mini traveling world.. There are some things that never leave my purse. Check out my purse essentials for survival..

1. Nude lipgloss- The perfect color for summer. Put this on and you'll whole look is complete. Lipgloss always makes me feel girlie and ready for the day! My favorite kind is Revlon ColorStay.
2. bareMinerals powder- In the heat of summer it is a fact that you will melt in this heat, including your make up. I keep my powder handy for any make up "oops" that happen. I love bareMinerals because it is not caked on your face, but still gives you a great look and coverage.
3. Koozie- You never know when you will need one. Always handy to have around. You will thank me.
4. Planner/sharpie pen- This is a new one, but one that I don't know how I lived without for so long. I have become a planner/to do list junkie, so this helps with that new obsession and keeping my life organized. Plus I love the cute patterned planner from Target.
5. Lucky charm pendant- I always keep my James Avery Louisiana state pendant in my wallet as my good luck charm and to remind me of my old home. 

What do you keep in your traveling survival kit?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Sound of Texas

Living in Texas, we have our own kind of country music. Texas country music. The sound is different from your normal country music- Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson (don't get me wrong- they are all on constant replay on my ipod). Artists and songs are a bit more laid back and just here for a good time. Here are 5 of my favorites to get your feet wet in the Texas country world..trust me it was so difficult to narrow it down. There is great music that comes from the Lone star state.. sit back, listen, and enjoy.
**Eli Young Band: I would call EYB the "popular kids" of Texas country. They have made it big all around the world, but they still stick to their Texas country roots. Rocking out with songs like Small Town Kid.

**Granger Smith: I had to put a fellow Aggie in the mix. I saw him perform in College Station. Singing  We Bleed Maroon along with him and all my Aggie friends is one of the best memories in college. And trust me his good looks don't hurt.

**Josh Abbott Band- The perfect band for a night out dancing! Songs like Oh, Tonight and Good Night for Dancing are perfect for a date night. Plus, they are amazing in concert.

**Pat Green: You can't go wrong with Pat Green. His voice is definitely one of a kind. One of Green's first and biggest hits was Wave on Wave, which is still one of my all time favorites.

**Casey Donahew Band- I consider them the bad boys/party animals of Texas country music.. if you want some good drinking songs, songs about your crazy family or weekend you have found your match. Their pride in Texas is never hidden, listen to their new song One Star Flag for the proof. So if you are from Texas and love showing it, they are perfect for you.

So grad your cowboy boots, take a stat at two stepping, and enjoy the sweet sounds of Texas wherever you are!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Support Your Team in Style

Football season can truly start, we have our "Saints Season Bracelets"!!
Black & Gold in style!
My sister and I started a tradition a few years ago of wearing a bracelet during the whole football season in support of our beloved New Orleans Saints. We wear them day in and day out. We like to think of them as the team's good luck charm. This year we upgraded from a string and charm to a great, gold knot & black diamond crystal Chloe and Isabel bracelet. Moving up in the world! 

Now we are supporting our boys in style!
I was born and raised to love the Saints.. winning, losing, drama, no drama. The team is more than just football on Sundays, they are a major aspect of the New Orleans' backbone. As a city that has been through a lot, we always have the Saints to raise spirits and give us a reason to celebrate--not that we need too much coxing for that :) The players have especially stepped into our hearts with their love of the game and love of the NOLA community. 

1. Getting Drew Brees' autograph at training camp last year will always be one of my favorite Saints' memories. My vote on greatest quarterback ever. 
2. The way to the heart of any Who Dat is loving the Saints as much as we do!
3. Training Camp photo from last year. Wish I could be back there this year!! Sitting in the 100 degree heat has never been more worth it.. I may be a girly girl, but I can talk football all day long!
4. Football season just gives us another reason to celebrate on Bourbon. A win always calls for a hand-grenade with other Who Dat fans!

Looking forward to a great football season. Who Dat!!! How do you support your favorite team?

A Pinning Day!

I was so beyond happy when I found this Pinterest Blog link up from The Vintage Apple... I can spend hours on Pinterest. You could probably call me an addict, but I'm not giving it up anytime soon. Here are some of my favorite pins from my favorite boards!! Follow at my personal boards or Southen Belle Way's Pinterest.
Cheesecake filled strawberries=heaven. Follow "Get Your Grub On"

My thoughts everyday! Follow "Words to Live By"

Moscato. Strawberries. Vanilla Vodka. Follow "Drinks"

Chandeliers made modern. Follow "Apartment"

Fabulous everyday necklaces. Follow "Chloe & Isabel Love"

There is nothing mason jars cannot do! Follow "Let's Get Crafty"

What are you favorite pins? Just keep calm and keep on pinning!!
xoxo, Carol

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Collage of Love

Here are a few things I am loving today! 
1. It's always a good sign when you see rainbows. My favorite part of our ever popular southern storms.

2. The cutest face ever- Introducing Theodore, aka "Chunk". When I was living in NOLA last summer for an internship my sister and I decided we needed a pet. So on a spur of the moment decision (best one yet) we went and bought Theodore (the cutest, sweetest bunny in the world). He is so mischievous and a cuddle bunny!

3. Sisterly Love- My best friend and older sister came to visit this weekend. Put us together and you will be laughing the whole time either with us or at us :) We celebrated her 27th birthday is a night out on the town. I had to rock the color blocking with my favorite bright blue pants.

4. How could I not mention that today is National Tequila Day?!
Celebrate with am Italian Margarita! Yes, it may sound weird. Italians are not known for their ritas, but trust me they are SO yummy!!!
1oz amaretto almond liquor
2 oz sweet and sour mix
1/2 oz tequila
1/2 oz triple sec

What are your loves of the day?
xoxo, Carol

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Funday

You Know You're From The South When...

The best way to start, continue, and end the day.

Showing my Saints/Drew Brees pride with my Fleurty Girl tshirt!

If only everyday could be like this, right?!

Have a fabulous Sunday! 
xoxo, Carol

Friday, July 20, 2012

Loving What I Do!

I just started working for this fabulous jewelry company called Chloe & Isabel. So if I talk about the jewelry a lot it is just because I am so excited and loving what I do. I want to spread the word about this fabulous jewelry! If you ever need some new jewelry or styling questions with accessories I would be more than happy to help! Come to me for your jewelry needs! 

* A little about the companyChloe and Isabel is a fashionable and socially innovated jewelry brand designed to connect women through a modern- day social shopping experience. The pieces are so affordable because we only sell online and at trunk shows. Their goal is to bring women together with jewelry!

*What I do: My job title is "Merchandiser." But here is my description- "Jewelry obsessed, party planner, social media freak who loves what she does." It is such a fun job because the jewelry pretty much sells itself :)

*The jewelry: Each piece is so unique. There is a style for everyone whether you are more trendy & bold or classic & timeless. I wear the jewelry everyday, no matter if I am going out or just going to the grocery store. My favorite collection are the Garden Party (perfect for a southern summer) & the brand new Birds of a Feather. 

**Live around the Houston or NOLA area? If you are interested in possibly hosting a c+i trunk show and earning FREE jewelry contact me. It is a great way to have a fun time with girlfriends and earn all your jewelry for free. Learn all the perks here!
**Don't live around those areas? Don't worry. You can still earn free jewelry by having a catalog trunk show :) Contact me if you want to learn more!
* Why I love my job: 1. I make my own schedule 2. I am learning so much about marketing and social media 3. Have FUN meeting new people 3. The AMAZING jewelry (and it just keeps coming).

Want to see more jewelry? Stop by my online boutique and find your favorite pieces!! The best jewelry around is just one click away.. right HERE. Who doesn't love to accessorize?
xoxo, Carol

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy National Daiquiri Day!

How did I not know about this sooner?! July 19th is National Daiquiri Day! So let's celebrate this sweet, run based drink that so many of us in the South love!

A few random facts about daiquiris:
* Named after a beach in Cuba
* Created by American, Jennings Stockton Cox when he was in Cuba
* The favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy.
* Originally served on the rocks

The possibilities with daiquiris are endless- every flavor you could imagine. Perfect for cooling down on a hot summer's day! If you are lucky enough to have a Fat Tuesday around you, swing on over and order one up!

Here is my favorite recipe for a Frozen Strawberry recipe:
6 cups of ice
1/2 cup white sugar
4 oz frozen strawberries
1/8 cup lime juice
1/8 cup lemon juice
3/4 your favorite rum
1/4 cup lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage

*Combine everything in a blender. Blend until smooth. Yields 8 servings

So now it's time to run to the liquor store, grab and bottle of rum, and start mixing!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Trending Summer in Style

Summer fashions are trending.  Here are the top 4 summer trends I am obsessed with!

1. Bright Blazers: If you are from the South and experiencing this crazy heat like we are in Texas you might be thinking I am crazy. BUT blazers can work in the heat of summer if done right.  A few hints: Wear a loose/light shirt underneath that will look good without the blazer as well. Pick a soft color like mint green, pink, or white so you won't melt in the sun. And plus colors like this pop and will make your outfit a show stopper. Even better, a slightly fitted blazer will make your figure look amazing.

I love putting a blazer with a simple pair of jeans and a tank for a dinner out with the girls! Like this white blazer from H&M.

2. Cropped Jeans: A fun and sassy way to step up your normal jeans outfit. The shorter pant length works with tall heels or your simple pair of sandals. Plus you avoid having to roll up your pants for a walk on the beach or cooling dip in the pool. I am an even bigger fan of colored cropped jeans. Summer is about being bold, your jeans should be no exception!!
Jessica Alba knows how to make a statement in her hot pink cropped pants!

3. Peplum design: I'm loving the trending peplum designs for dresses and shirts. The shape of the flare above the hips so so figure flattering for all body tops because it makes your waist look tinier (who doesn't like that?). I adore the vintage feel this style gives to any outfit, just like a sweet southern belle.

5. Dip hem dresses: Perfect for a big event or a casual day shopping with the girls, just depends on what accessories you pair with the dress. The dip hem gives a special little touch that is unexpected. Show off your tan, summer legs with this dress!

Be bold and daring with these summer trends!! Summer is all about FUN, your style should be no different.

Links for shopping: Chloe + Isabel Accessoriesyour nearest H&MpursesCropped jeans

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life According to Country Music

I love country music. Listen to it 24/7.  You can find a song for any and every scenario in life. So let's have a little fun with "Life According to Country Music!" You never know what those guys and gals in boots can come up with..

*When it's time to let your hair down:
"Summer sky dripped in rhinestones. Turn your party lights on. Baby get your shine on-shine on!"- Florida Georgia Line

*When you need a little pick me up:

*When this whole dating thing isn't working out:
"The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog."- Carrie Underwood


Monday, July 16, 2012

The ABCs of Being a Southern Girl

What does it mean to be southern? Well, only living below the Mason Dixon line doesn't cut it.. it's more about your attitude and your lifestyle plus a few fun perks. We have our own language, style, and outlook on life! I had a little fun putting together some of my favorite things, sayings, and attitudes that truly encompass the southern belle way. Follow these ABCs and you'll be living the southern lifestyle..

A- All about family & friends. Live for your family and friends and be there for them through thick and thin. Have you called your momma today?
B- Bow ties. The best accent for your boyfriend/date. Check out these southern inspired bow ties from Nola Couture. Shopping for the men (young and old) in your life= done!
C- Charming smile. A simple smile can take you far in life.
D- Don't forget to accessorize. An outfit is never complete without a few extra touches. Try some pearls, a headband, or a classic bracelet. Find the best jewelry from Chloe + Isabel.
E- Entertaining done right. You know how to entertain and love a good theme. Party planner can could be our middle name.
F- Football is king. Let's be honest, football is a religion down here.  Whether it is high school, the SEC, or professional football we love to win and really love to tailgate.
G- Gentlemen wanted. We love boys with manners. Holding open the door, hats off at the table, and loving your momma can take you a long way boys.
H- Hairspray= needed. A true necessity for a southern girl to keep that poof or curl in place. I have always been taught that you can never have too much hairspray. Keep a bottle at home and in your purse for those quick touch ups.
I- Initial everything. Initials can go on everything: towels, bags, jewelry, phone covers, etc. Make it personal.
J- Just relax. Don't take life too seriously. We are here to have fun and enjoy life. Being uppity is too much work.
K- Koozies go everywhere. Never leave home without one. They are your best friend at tailgates, parties, and picnics. Follow the monogramming trend and stamp your initial on it, so you never lose it.
L- Love your daddy.  A southern belle is true daddy's girl. No one can top him.
M- Manners. "Yes ma'am" & "No sir" know no age, everyone gets it. Manners are not optional.

N- No one leaves your house hungry. Food is the way to a person's heart. The more food the better.
O- Outdoorsy, at least somewhat. Whether it's putting on the camouflage and hunting or a much easier approach of sitting on the porch drinking we love being outside. A little heat or threat of mosquitos don't scare us off.
P- Pride in where you come from, what you believe in, and what you do. We want to share what we love with others. A great example is Fleurty Girl in NOLA. Owner, Lauren Thom took her New Orleans pride and turned it into a full grown, super successful business. Be proud of who you are!
Q- Quality is key. Inspired by one of my favorite and funniest quotes. " If you love southern women, raise your glass. If not, raise your standards."
R- Raise 'em right. We learn from the best.
S- Sweet Tea is addictive. Grab a mason jar and fill it up to the bring. The perfect way to cool off on a hot summers day. Try this recipe to make your sweet tea with a little kick!
T- Try it fried. Now, this may not be the best advice for your waist line, BUT trust me your taste buds will love it! From fried seafood, pickles, green tomatoes to my favorite fried dessert the beinget can make you drool with just a simple mention.
U- Understand where you came from. Know your past and history.
V- Velvet, red velvet to be exact. Quite possibly one of the best desserts ever made. Check out this recipe to impress all your friends.
W- Well behaved women, well sometimes. We are lady like, but we also like to let our hair down. I mean never underestimate our other favorite drink: Whiskey :)
X- "x" endings. You've seen it before: Geaux, Beaux, and Thibodeaux. A fun way to add some Cajun flare.
Y- Y'all, the backbone of our vocabulary. One of the most important words in the southern vocabulary. Pretty much can go in any statement you make. Right, y'all?
Z- Zatarain's makes life easier. Need a quick dinner? Jambalaya and red beans & rice in just a few easy steps.

Being southern is more a way of life then a simple label. Have a little fun and see how many of the ABCs you already follow!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Southern Style: Sweet and Sassy

Most of the southern belles I know like to add a little flare and sass to our classic style. So when the pearls are getting a well deserved break it’s time to go wild and accessorize. 
I am slightly obsessed with the new jewelry company Chloe + Isabel.  Their Garden Party collection is begging you to throw a summer party and sip on a huge glass of sweet tea (spike it with some vodka for an even better treat). These gorgeous statement pieces give off a vintage feel that turn the simplest outfit into a show stopper. 

The Garden Party pieces let us have some fun, while still sticking to our sweet roots. Never be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone and pick a bold accessory.. because let’s be honest we were not raised to be wallflowers!
You don’t have to be raised in the South to love a great piece of jewelry. Chloe + Isabel’s statement pieces can bring southern flare to any corner of the country! 
“ It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous then absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe

a.s.a.p (as southern as possible)

Keeping Everything Southern

Welcome y'all!

It's a different world down here in the South.. Sweet tea is a food group, no ma'am and yes sir are rarely forgotten, and you never leave the house without "putting your face on".

Everything from fashion, entertaining, and food have a special twist when you are in the South. This blog will cover anything from the latest fashion trends to the best entertaining tips.. and what the heck maybe a little sports talk.. ALL with some Southern spice! Southern Belle secrets revealed..

xoxo, Carol