Monday, July 16, 2012

The ABCs of Being a Southern Girl

What does it mean to be southern? Well, only living below the Mason Dixon line doesn't cut it.. it's more about your attitude and your lifestyle plus a few fun perks. We have our own language, style, and outlook on life! I had a little fun putting together some of my favorite things, sayings, and attitudes that truly encompass the southern belle way. Follow these ABCs and you'll be living the southern lifestyle..

A- All about family & friends. Live for your family and friends and be there for them through thick and thin. Have you called your momma today?
B- Bow ties. The best accent for your boyfriend/date. Check out these southern inspired bow ties from Nola Couture. Shopping for the men (young and old) in your life= done!
C- Charming smile. A simple smile can take you far in life.
D- Don't forget to accessorize. An outfit is never complete without a few extra touches. Try some pearls, a headband, or a classic bracelet. Find the best jewelry from Chloe + Isabel.
E- Entertaining done right. You know how to entertain and love a good theme. Party planner can could be our middle name.
F- Football is king. Let's be honest, football is a religion down here.  Whether it is high school, the SEC, or professional football we love to win and really love to tailgate.
G- Gentlemen wanted. We love boys with manners. Holding open the door, hats off at the table, and loving your momma can take you a long way boys.
H- Hairspray= needed. A true necessity for a southern girl to keep that poof or curl in place. I have always been taught that you can never have too much hairspray. Keep a bottle at home and in your purse for those quick touch ups.
I- Initial everything. Initials can go on everything: towels, bags, jewelry, phone covers, etc. Make it personal.
J- Just relax. Don't take life too seriously. We are here to have fun and enjoy life. Being uppity is too much work.
K- Koozies go everywhere. Never leave home without one. They are your best friend at tailgates, parties, and picnics. Follow the monogramming trend and stamp your initial on it, so you never lose it.
L- Love your daddy.  A southern belle is true daddy's girl. No one can top him.
M- Manners. "Yes ma'am" & "No sir" know no age, everyone gets it. Manners are not optional.

N- No one leaves your house hungry. Food is the way to a person's heart. The more food the better.
O- Outdoorsy, at least somewhat. Whether it's putting on the camouflage and hunting or a much easier approach of sitting on the porch drinking we love being outside. A little heat or threat of mosquitos don't scare us off.
P- Pride in where you come from, what you believe in, and what you do. We want to share what we love with others. A great example is Fleurty Girl in NOLA. Owner, Lauren Thom took her New Orleans pride and turned it into a full grown, super successful business. Be proud of who you are!
Q- Quality is key. Inspired by one of my favorite and funniest quotes. " If you love southern women, raise your glass. If not, raise your standards."
R- Raise 'em right. We learn from the best.
S- Sweet Tea is addictive. Grab a mason jar and fill it up to the bring. The perfect way to cool off on a hot summers day. Try this recipe to make your sweet tea with a little kick!
T- Try it fried. Now, this may not be the best advice for your waist line, BUT trust me your taste buds will love it! From fried seafood, pickles, green tomatoes to my favorite fried dessert the beinget can make you drool with just a simple mention.
U- Understand where you came from. Know your past and history.
V- Velvet, red velvet to be exact. Quite possibly one of the best desserts ever made. Check out this recipe to impress all your friends.
W- Well behaved women, well sometimes. We are lady like, but we also like to let our hair down. I mean never underestimate our other favorite drink: Whiskey :)
X- "x" endings. You've seen it before: Geaux, Beaux, and Thibodeaux. A fun way to add some Cajun flare.
Y- Y'all, the backbone of our vocabulary. One of the most important words in the southern vocabulary. Pretty much can go in any statement you make. Right, y'all?
Z- Zatarain's makes life easier. Need a quick dinner? Jambalaya and red beans & rice in just a few easy steps.

Being southern is more a way of life then a simple label. Have a little fun and see how many of the ABCs you already follow!



  1. Hi Carol! I saw your comment on the C+I Facebook group and decided to check out your blog, very cute! I'm currently getting my masters online at Texas A&M so I'm a fellow Aggie, Gig'em!

    Come check out my blog if you get a chance!

  2. Hi Bri! It's great finding fellow Aggies!

    Love your blog too!

  3. Sweet tea and fried food are so delicious--love 'em both.

  4. Oh and by the way, I'm your latest follower!