Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Mini Survival Kit

*Purse- n. A woman's whole portable world. Her lifeline. Protector of all necessities.

We all do it...our purse is our mini traveling world.. There are some things that never leave my purse. Check out my purse essentials for survival..

1. Nude lipgloss- The perfect color for summer. Put this on and you'll whole look is complete. Lipgloss always makes me feel girlie and ready for the day! My favorite kind is Revlon ColorStay.
2. bareMinerals powder- In the heat of summer it is a fact that you will melt in this heat, including your make up. I keep my powder handy for any make up "oops" that happen. I love bareMinerals because it is not caked on your face, but still gives you a great look and coverage.
3. Koozie- You never know when you will need one. Always handy to have around. You will thank me.
4. Planner/sharpie pen- This is a new one, but one that I don't know how I lived without for so long. I have become a planner/to do list junkie, so this helps with that new obsession and keeping my life organized. Plus I love the cute patterned planner from Target.
5. Lucky charm pendant- I always keep my James Avery Louisiana state pendant in my wallet as my good luck charm and to remind me of my old home. 

What do you keep in your traveling survival kit?

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