Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Support Your Team in Style

Football season can truly start, we have our "Saints Season Bracelets"!!
Black & Gold in style!
My sister and I started a tradition a few years ago of wearing a bracelet during the whole football season in support of our beloved New Orleans Saints. We wear them day in and day out. We like to think of them as the team's good luck charm. This year we upgraded from a string and charm to a great, gold knot & black diamond crystal Chloe and Isabel bracelet. Moving up in the world! 

Now we are supporting our boys in style!
I was born and raised to love the Saints.. winning, losing, drama, no drama. The team is more than just football on Sundays, they are a major aspect of the New Orleans' backbone. As a city that has been through a lot, we always have the Saints to raise spirits and give us a reason to celebrate--not that we need too much coxing for that :) The players have especially stepped into our hearts with their love of the game and love of the NOLA community. 

1. Getting Drew Brees' autograph at training camp last year will always be one of my favorite Saints' memories. My vote on greatest quarterback ever. 
2. The way to the heart of any Who Dat is loving the Saints as much as we do!
3. Training Camp photo from last year. Wish I could be back there this year!! Sitting in the 100 degree heat has never been more worth it.. I may be a girly girl, but I can talk football all day long!
4. Football season just gives us another reason to celebrate on Bourbon. A win always calls for a hand-grenade with other Who Dat fans!

Looking forward to a great football season. Who Dat!!! How do you support your favorite team?

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