Friday, September 7, 2012

Being Drunken Artists

So last night we were drunken artists. My friends and I have an amazing girls' night full of bottles of wine, paintings, and 90's music at Painting with a Twist in College Station. If you haven't heard of this place you definitely need to look it up and see if there is one in your town! It was too much fun! I love painting and drinking, so this was the perfect combo for me :)

At Painting With a Twist you follow an instructor on how to complete a brand new painting in two hours. Last night was Fire in the Sky. The atmosphere is too much fun and the instructors and owners were the best! Every lesson (it's more than a party than a lesson actually) is BYOB so bring your wine girls. They supply everything else.
Put 7 crazy friends together add in some many bottles of wine and trying to learn a new painting adds up to hysterical laughs and some surprisingly good looking paintings.

Here are some pictures from the process. Paint was flying everywhere because we could not stop laughing. The instructors said we were the most fun group of the night... not surprising with all us girls together :)

Drum roll please.. the final products! Proud of our masterpieces!

I highly recommend every tries this. Even if you don't like to paint or don't think you can, do it because you will start to LOVE it!

xoxo, Carol


  1. I still need to do this! I love painting! Love the picture, looks like a great time! Have a good weekend!

  2. So fun! We go & do this all the time in Houston & my husband even enjoys it! :)

  3. LOVE THIS and ....... I'm doing this TOMORROW with a big group of ladies from DFW Bloggers. Amazing, right?! We're meeting at a place called "A Piece of Work" in Fort Worth. Same concept: friends + b.y.o.b + paint / canvas = fun times!!!!! Thanks for sharing, I'm looking forward to our evening together.

    Nicole @ Three 31