Tuesday, September 18, 2012

National Cheeseburger Day.. Yes Please!

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

I'm reminded of the HIMYM episode where Marshall is in search of the best cheeseburger ever. Is there really a burger that can be called the best EVER? This cheeseburger recipe claims to be the best and even has a secret sauce (dun dun dun).  It looks and sounds amazing. I'm going to have to try this and see if Marshall would agree.
via Six Sisters Stuff

This brings up another important question. What do you put on your cheeseburger.. do you stay classic or get crazy with it?

My favorite toppings:
American cheese
onion rings

...And yes, I would put those all on the same burger. What are your favorite toppings?

OK, now I am hungry. Damn you National Cheeseburger Day!!


  1. Oh, lawd. I love me some cheeseburgers. I'm so so boring though - just American cheese, Ketchup and mustard. That's it! I may have to have one for lunch! (ps. love that HIMYM reference)

  2. I want one now! I think my favorite is greek burgers, with greek seasoning, onion, feta. Mmmm