Friday, September 14, 2012

Start the Happy Dance!

It finally happened!!! I got a real, big girl JOB!!! I am beyond excited :) I'll be working for a marketing agency here in Texas as a social media manager. Hard work and persistence does pay off. And having this Aggie ring really gave me extra bonus points (Aggies stick together) haha. This is such a great starting place and learning experience for me!

Now back to my happy dance!!

I know this is short and sweet. But I'm too excited!!
xoxo, Carol


  1. hooray!!!! congrats girl, that sounds awesome :) :)

  2. That's awesome!! Congrats!!

  3. whoop!!! congrats on the new job!!! totally agree about aggies sticking together. my ring got me my first job too!!! people love to hire ags b/c we are awesome!!