Monday, September 10, 2012

One Proud Aggie... Hello SEC

What a weekend?! This weekend was the first time Texas A&M was welcomed into the SEC. College football has officially begun for me. Hello Saturdays full of maroon, beer, gig'ems, and cowboy boots. This was also the first game I have been to as an alumnus (the craziest feeling ever). You can't beat waking up at 8 am and heading into tailgating with the best friends and fans around. The vodka soaked watermelon and coolers full of beer didn't hurt either ;)

I am so reusing this outfit. 

I wish everyone was there to feel the atmosphere around campus- it was amazing! ESPN was there hosting College Game Day, a huge honor! 

We may have lost. But I have never been prouder of my school. 
1. We didn't get our butts kicked on the field 
2. A&M didn't change its character even on such a huge stage and now playing with the "big boys." 
3. We showed the world how extreme school spirit is done. I mean did you see that stadium?

But most importantly we left a great impression on the SEC by showing our Texas hospitality and being one of the friendliest campuses around. This is what I am most proud of from the game. Even Florida Gator fans couldn't help but notice. My favorite part of the day was walking by some Gator fans and hearing one guy say " I can't even trash talk them, these are the nicest fans EVER!" That made me smile so big. Win or lose you know any fan will have an amazing time at Texas A&M tailgates and games. 

Fox Sports filming our tailgate. Too awesome!
I am beyond excited to be part of the SEC!! Thanks for the warmest welcome :) I hope all games are as fun as this one... maybe even a win or two!

Get ready to see more boots and maroon around the SEC. Texas is SEC country now :)


  1. Welcome to the SEC! I was truly routing for A&M to kick Florida's ass! You came close!

  2. It's nice to be respected for the good things, like your spirit and kindness! I was rooting for you guys too.
    LOVE your outfit, and boots!

  3. Welcome to the SEC! I of course was rooting for my Gators lol but I'm glad it was a close game and that y'all are being recognized! I hate it when other SEC teams are rude!

    Hope you had fun! xo

  4. WHOOP!!! The atmosphere is College Station was amazing this weekend! I'm an Aggie too c/o 2009! LOVING your outfit...too cute :) Gig 'Em Ags! So excited for this season!