Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time to Accessorize with C+I: Arm Party

I love the trend of wearing multiple bracelets on one arm. It gives you outfit and look and pop of fun. And plus if you can't decide on a bracelet to wear it's just easier to wear them all! You can plan your arm party to match any mood or style you want to celebrate that day!

Chloe and Isabel has a fabulous selection of bracelets! Take a look at these combos. Mix and match to make your own!

Golden Love
1. Oval Bangle Set $25
2. Crystal, Stud, and Chain $38
3. Feather Hinged Cuff $78

 Vintage Perfection
1. Multi Charm Garden Party $58
2. Flower Stretch $38
3. Modern Deco Stretch $42
4. Flower Stretch $38
 Rocker Vibe
1. Crystal Studded Leather Wrap $34
2. Braided Metal and Leather $48
3. Turquoise Stone Cluster $58
4. Studded Leather Wrap $38
Eclectic Fun
1. Textured Bangle Set $25
2. Pave Wrap $42
3. Crystal, Ribbon, and Chain $38
4. Coral Branch Cuff $68
Boho Style
1. Crystal, Ribbon, and Chain $38
2. Feather Leather Wrap $38
3. Studded Leather Wrap $38
4. Organic Bangle Set $34

Nautical Chic
1. Enamel and Crystal Bangle $32
2. Organic Open Link Cuff $48
3. Oval Bangle Set $25
4. Stone and Thread Wrap $28

 Chloe and Isabel prides itself on quality. Take a look at our quality promise and materials.

Which arm party would you want to attend?! You party animals! Need some more jewelry advice or ideas? Email me at
xoxo, Carol

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