Friday, September 21, 2012

Trunk Show with C+I.. Plus a HUGE Giveaway

" A Chloe and Isabel Style Soirée"

Need some new accessories, want to get some Christmas shopping done early, or just a "happy" for your sister, friend, or mother? I am hosting my first virtual trunk show!! I am so excited to be doing this and share this wonderful jewelry with you. PLUS this is the celebration for the end of my fundraiser for the Veritas Charter School in Memphis, TN. Take a second the read through this. Trust me you want to read all the way to the bottom.. there is a HUGE "Mystery Hostess" giveaway!!

Here is how it works:
* From today until Wednesday 26th I will host the trunk show. Each day I will highlight different jewelry, styling tips, videos presenting the jewelry, etc. 
* All you have to do is look through the posts, scroll through my online boutique at and find your favorite pieces.
* I want this to be fun and like a party to pour yourself a glass of wine when you "shop" and comment on the pieces you likes, how you would style it, etc.
* Make your own Wish List. 

How to Purchase:
* Once you figure out what piece(s) you would like to purchase write down the pin number and name of the piece.

* Email me at with your order and shipping address ( I will enter your order and shipping address to the c+i website and the order will be shipped directly to you)

* Orders over $100 have free shipping and those under are only $5.95. There is No sales tax unless you are in CA or NY.

* In your email tell me how you would like to pay for the purchase.
1. Credit Card- You can include the cc info in the email or if you feel more comfortable include your phone number and I will call you for cc info. ( all cc info is only put into the chloe and isabel official website once and then deleted)
2. Cash or Check- send to me through the mail. I will send you my personal address ( the order will not be placed until I receive the payment)
* You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the order is placed. The package will arrive within 3 days.
Start Shopping here:

I know that was really wordy. But I wanted to give you all the information. If you have any more questions or need help finding the pin number please email me at

NOW for the GIVEAWAY part! At a Chloe + Isabel trunk show the hostess gets so many perks!

So for this virtual trunk show I will have a mystery hostess. Aka everyone who places an order will be placed into a drawing and at the end a Hostess will be selected!! So you get to pick out even more jewelry for FREE!! This is such an AWESOME giveaway. My last hostess earned almost $300 in free jewelry.

just for this month the hostess will be able to pick one of these branch pave bangles
**Blog, tweet, facebook, and share with your friends. The more orders the more jewelry a mystery hostess can WIN!**

Now for some fun pics of my favorite Chloe and Isabel jewelry!! So much more to come!

Here is our quality guarantee.

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